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viernes, 17 de noviembre de 2017


Prophetic Word 2018:
Year of Delivery
(John 16:21)

Apostles Jose A. & Isabel Quintero

John 16:21 
21 When a woman is giving birth, she has sorrow because her hour has come, but when she has delivered the baby, she no longer remembers the anguish, for joy that a human being has been born into the world.
This is dedicated to all ministries, congregations and ministers that have been waiting for a miracle from God. This will be the year of your miracle, multiplication, growth and of the not answer prayer, because the creature has already been born.

A mother that is about to give birth knows when the baby is coming because she starts to feel pain. That is the same with cows, cats, dogs, any animal. They have a different sound, one that is recognized as pain. But even them, our pets, when they give birth, their behavior changes. Something is manifested that shows its feeling: Love towards the newborn creature. What a better example than when a dog, whether it is a Chihuahua, or a Rottweiler, that if you aren’t its owner, you can’t even get close to the newborn babies? The protection attitude is the one driving this feeling.  But before, there was pain, illness, there was barely any ability to move or walk because of the belly weight, vomits, nausea, and others.
That is what 2018 will be. Many of us have been waiting for miracles; answer to prayers, and it seems like nothing happens. That is what we’’ see in 2018, because IT WILL BE THE DELIVERY YEAR, THE YEAR IN WHICH YOUR MIRACLE WILL BE DELIVERED, AMEN.
Prophetic Word 2018: Year of Delivery
1.  Time for new shoes: Many ministries will leave the old garments of men's designs and begin to walk in open heavens, a fresh anointing and a new thing. Please refer to this prophetic word given to our ministry: (will be translated to English in the very near future).
2.  Promotion time: Ministries and ministers that are operating at a mantle level lower than what God called and ordained will be promoted to that level.
3.  Time for new relationships: Many ministries will enter into new ministerial relationships for their good and growth. They will leave coverages and wrong paternity (and many of these seekers of their own benefits) and enter into right relationships for growth.
4.  Time for new marriages and weddings for ministries: Many single and divorced believers who have been restored and have their lives in order will be ordained in new ministries so that they can be raised. Legalism hangs and kills.
5.  Time of Development: Many believers will be developed in their ministries by entering into these new coverages.
6.  Time of freshness: The new ministries will bring hope, restoration and restitution to the people who hoped to be restored. A fresh word is brought through these new ministries.
7.  Time of new Apostles: New apostolic ministries with a real fatherhood and elderly anointing, that are not seeking anything on their own convenience will be raised as apostles.
8.  New anointing of miracles: Things never seen will be done for the glory of the name of Christ. * Note: At the time of writing this word we have already received a testimony about an arm straightened in Mexico. She is the daughter of one of the intercessors of our network of prophetic prayer and intercession.
9.  New anointing of elders will continue to be raised in the nations: New apostolic and prophetic presbyteries will rise in the nations due to the spiritual growth of many ministers. Even very young ministers will be recognized as the elders (1 Timothy 4: 12-14).
10.   Time of masks falling out: Hypocrisy is destroying the church, but people are coming to the news and realizing it. Many hypocrites, those who laugh with the back of their teeth, will be discovered and shamed in public. The anointing of the chameleon falls in the name of Jesus.
11.   Time of sanctification: Because He returns for a holy church and without wrinkles or stains.
12.   Time for a New Word: Because we are at the time of the restoration of all things (Acts 3: 19-21) and the time of refreshment is here because repentance is returning to the altars.
13.   Wheat separation time: Straw and tares will be removed and set aside. It will be known who gives true fruit and who does not.
14.   Time to care for the weak sheep: We must return to the protection of the weak sheep. That is the one that is easily lost.
1.  The crisis and fall of North Korea: Because the false government of the antichrist and the false "peace and security" will continue to be moved in the nations. The Koreas have to unite, just as Germany did in the beginning of the 1990s.
2.  Iran will obtain a complete democracy: 1 Thessalonians 5:3 is being a palpable reality.
3.  Cuba will be changed to democracy.
4.  Maduro in Venezuela will fall and will be prosecuted and sent to jail.
5.  The world will continue to align against Israel: They have just announced that they will leave UNESCO, after a move by the United States around this. But this will join point 6:
6.  Obadiah 4 and the fall of the United States: When the United States put its flag on the moon it slapped God. That is, they told God that His Creation belonged to us as a nation. Psalm 148:3-4, as well as Genesis 1:16 and on tell us about the purpose of the creation of both. Obadiah 4 tells us about the eagle that putting its nest in the stars, and God will collapse. We all know that, although these Old Testament prophecies in many cases have already been fulfilled (much less Isaiah 17: 1-3 and others), they also have a strong spiritual meaning. We all know that the United States is known worldwide as the eagle (other countries have an eagle in their symbol, but the USA is the eagle, just as Russia is the bear, China is the dragon, and so on) , was who went to the moon and if many of you do not remember, in the eighties he invented what was called as the defense program Star Wars, which consisted of defense of nuclear missiles of what was the Soviet bloc (what was Russia and the republics that made up the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics [Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and others] and countries allied with the Communist bloc like Poland, Czechoslovakia before being divided, East Germany before to disappear and unify with West Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria and others) from the moon. This resulted in the legalization of abortion in 1973 (Roe vs. Wade), the decay of the gospel and morality in the nation, the legalization of drugs, gay marriage and other things. And the worst would be if they take In God We Trust of the dollar. That would bring an immediate and faster fall. Although consequences of this disastrous decision are already seen. The United States was established by God as the nation to watch over His People Israel, who the enemy hates, and has brought its enemies for their own destruction, which is beginning to see. I call our days here in the US "the improvement before death", because we all know that before a person die as he suffers an improvement and then worsens and then die.
7.  Solar heating, not global, continues to increase: Isaiah 30:26 brings us light on this. They are biblical, not political.
8.  Gay marriage and abortion will continue to be legalized: The days of Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah are already here (Luke 17:28) At this time Australia just voted to have it legalized.
9.  About the church of Christ:  
a.  The double pulpits will continue being collapsed: The word will continue to be made accessible to the masses and the humble will be familiar with it (Acts 20: 7-12).
b.  The wise virgins will continue to differentiate from the foolish ones: The remnant of God will continue to be separated from one who does everything thinking of fame or show lights.
c.   The spirit of "Simon the Magician" will be discovered and silenced in many places (Acts 8: 9-25).
d.  The python spirit will be discovered in many congregations and expelled. This is a spirit that many confuse with the prophetic ministry. You have to be careful, but the strongest authority of God still follows (Acts 16: 16-19).
e.  There will continue to be exodus of mega-churches and new home churches will be raised (Romans 16: 5, Philemon 2): Please see Acts 2: 46-47, 5:42 and 10: 24-48, which brings us to the next point.
f.   The anointing that was experimented by the church in Acts will increase: We are writing Acts 29 since John 21:25 continues to be written today, because the glory of Abba Father is with the church of Christ by His Holy Spirit, amen.


The people of Israel walked in the desert until they reached their promised land. But they only entered after they failed Abba Father, because they doubted Him. The doubting of Abba Father does not sanctify us, since it distances us from Him. When the last one died of that generation that I doubt Abba then they entered. That is, the body was totally cleansed up. Heavenly Father wants His Church to be cleansed, since we won’t see Him without Holiness, without purity.

Hosea 6:3. Let us know, then, let us strive to know the Lord. His departure is as certain as the dawn, and He will come to us like the rain, like the spring rain that waters the earth.

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