sábado, 27 de febrero de 2016

Ahab/Jezebel-How they operate: Apostle Barbara Thomas

The Spirit of The Lord gave me an interesting observation about the Ahab/Jezebel spirit. He was showing me that this spirit will always come after any prophet that challenges it's actions or deeds. He was dealing with me about the diabolical plot concerning Herod his wife Herodias her daughter and John the Baptist. He revealed that this spiritual combination has been after anyone that operates as an Elijah. Herod and his wife Herodias operated in this capacity against John the Baptist. Herodias carried the Jezebelian spirit in her determination to kill John because he cried out against the adulterous affair she was having with Herod. Her husband operated as Ahab because he was weak to her. John the Baptist came in the spirit of Elijah so he was a target of this Jezebel spirit operating through Herodias. This spirit is ruthless and don't care who it uses or what it had to do it just knew it had to kill John the Baptist because he represented the authority that had the ability to dismantle Jezebels demonic team. Herodias knew that Herod lust after her daughter and because she carried the spirit of Jezebel she was willing to use her daughter to obtain what she wanted. She was cold and calculating in getting John's head. Jezebel is always trying to behead the Prophets. She always uses the threat of having the head of whoever defies her. This spirit continues to spread it's terror throughout the centuries. This spirit always uses a masculine controlling power hungry woman to connect to a timid unsure indecisive fearful man who holds a key position. She positions herself next to a man of power and influence to exact her plan to have control because she knows her husband is incapable of dealing with certain things. Her ruthless attitude is intriguing to him because he sees her doing what he desire to do but don't have the guts to do. This spirit has transferred in self upon husbands and wives throughout the years and as it evolves it becomes more deadly and hurtful in it's pursuit of the Elijah's that seek to destroy it and it's connections. This spirit will continue to operate until it is judged finally by God and cast in the lake of fire. The Spirit of The Lord spoke to me and said, IT'S TIME TO BE MILITANT (combative and aggressive in support of a cause and typically favoring extreme, violent, or confrontational methods) He said it's time to be fierce and forceful against the pair. These spirits are very prevalent in the marriages right now in the church. We are seeing many women now in pursuit of those men in the church that they think have clout and influence because they want prestige and power. Those in ministry are marrying men that are effeminate in nature but yet powerful in their positions. They realize that these men will allow them to have the power they want and crave. These marriages are spiritually political. It's all about the position and the materialistic obtainment they receive after marrying these men. So much is happening and the attributes and character of these two spirits are appearing in the most unlikely couples. In this hour you will recognize this combination more and more. For those called to war and destroy the effects of this spirit make sure you have the armor necessary to win in your fight against them!