jueves, 13 de octubre de 2016


Blessings and good afternoon:
I believe it is necessary that we start by saying that this is not a political blog. In fact, I am of Puerto Rican descent, and everyone that knows Puerto Ricans, the last thing that we care about is about the politics here in the USA. However, as a born again Christian, and after receiving a revelation in year 2014, way before either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton announced their Presidential bid, that I started growing concern about her winning the Presidential bid. 
Please understand that I am married to a Dominican immigrant (legal, of course), that because I am Puerto Rican that makes me a US Citizen by birth, that I am a US Army veteran and proud of my service for MY NATION, but that I am also Hispanic, Latino, which ever way you want to call it, and a person called to have mercy towards those that come here to my country, regardless of their status. And over all of that, I am a born again Christian, so Jesus is my role model. 
Please, take your time, watch the videos, look at the political stances in the pictures underneath, and read the revelations that not only I have had, but well know brethren in Christ like Prophet Claribel Rodriguez, whom is Puerto Rican as well, and other men or women of God like Cindy Jacobs, Perry Stone, Sid Roth and others.
Thank you very much and blessings from ABBA.
Apostle Jose A. Quintero, DD, MM, MBA
Father's Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry, INC. (MAPDP)

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It was yesterday when I had this experience.....

I suddenly wake up this morning at 5:45 am and decided to pray until I had to get up for
the day. Then the Lord started to have a conversation with me and I was just quietly listening to what He had to say, and I wanted to share it with you because I found it very interesting.

"He said this was a good time to know who's who, Christians or the so-called Christians; because of how clear they were showing their true colors. The Lord was saying, “They have been talking, criticizing and judging Trump like he is the worse sinner on earth.
I cannot imagine what would happen if I brought Mary Magdalene to preach in America as an evangelist. She had an awful past as a prostitute, but I forgave her sin and delivered her. I forgave all her sin..., but according to some Christians, some ministry leaders, some prophets, past sins are too awful to forgive. That's why they are condemning Trump.
I wonder what they would do and how they would judge King David if I brought him to lead worship. He killed Bathsheba's husband and committed fornication/adultery...
I wonder what they would do or what they would say if I brought
King Solomon to give some wise advice. He had a harem of more that 900 women, he worshiped idols, and still I gave him the wisdom I haven't given to any man on earth to guide and rule his kingdom.
I wonder what they would say about Apostle Paul, who killed so many Christians in my name, and he is one of the most influential and spiritual men in the bible.
I would wonder about My newborn children in the faith. They all have a sinful past, some worse than others. If they are judging a new born christian for their sinful past, what hope do the even newer ones have?
What about the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross? 
When someone repents I forgive them and erase that memory for ever.
So, who do they think they are to be judging someone based on their past sins?
So, what if I choose Donald Trump to lead America to be great again?
What if I decided to lead Donald Trump to experience a Damascus encounter at the White House that would lead America to a great Revival, Restoration, Awakening…?
What about what I have decided, what I want, and you just listen, trust me, and have faith in Me? What about that?
People are not rejecting Trump, but my words. They don't trust Me, they don't believe in Me, they don't have discernment, they don't have vision of what I can do to bring change.
I AM the one who is in charge, the One who is going to make the changes and transformations. But I need a voice that I can use, the same way I have used others’ voices for generations.
All those who are talking and judging as if they know what they are saying or doing, don't know the plans that I have for America, and their focus is in their own understanding, their own carnal emotions, their self righteousness, but I don't have a place in them. They are listening another source that is not Me. They are listening with their own understanding, but not with my vision or purpose.”

To meditate...
And for the records, this is not for debates , opinions, believe... whatever. I just had this experience which I agree with it and I don't care if people agree or not.... I just follow One and that is Yahweh and Jesus Christ my Savior. Shalom and blessing to everyone.

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