sábado, 6 de septiembre de 2014

What worries me about America's church: Prophet/Apostle Jose A. Quintero (MAPDP, INC)

What worries me? That the church of Christ doesn’t care about the real things what really matter. Instead of teaching them on the Bible studies about the importance of the things that are happening around us, the importance of fulfill Matthew 24:14 for the Church to leave the Great Tribulation that is coming, instead of laying hands on them to be able to receive the Holy Spirit thing that they can go out and outreach under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, instead on teaching to them how we’re the generation that is restoring the Tabernacle of David and they need to learn how to worship in order that they can have really Godly lives (Acts 15:16-18) we’re looking more at teaching them about Romans 8:28 without understanding the need of a holy life to fulfill that, to motivate them about to feel good, that they are “victorious, prosperous” and other jibber jabber terms that sister Boo-Boo or Brother Ray-Ray invents that are part of today’s light preaching, to sow money thing that they can get their “blessings” (the term Prosperous in the Bible is not related at all with money and it is a thing between God and the person), about 7 steps to have their checking account in balance, we’re not teaching them the right things, like holiness and what is it, what a Christian is and what you can’t be doing anymore, hello people!!!!!! We’re not teaching the church that satan is real but he is defeated and that we have authority to cast demons out, to declare that witchcraft altars can be taken down by the anointing of the Holy Spirit, we’re not teaching them how to cast out a demon and they’re letting us do it instead of they taking authority (Mark 16:16-20), oh well, what else? That we need to take the church to them, instead of bringing them to church (Acts 2:46-47, 5:42)! To take the gospel to their houses, because people are tired of the “preachers” of LA, the “prosperity” gospel and people asking for money, the scandals at the church of a church that look more like Ali Baba and the 40 thieves with so many bad testimonies that the news have to bring up, the motivational line of the Osteen’s and others (now that we don’t need to worship for the Father but to us, really, REALLY Victoria Osteen????), Copeland and his ecumenism of even inviting catholic priests to preach, what else???? We’re not teaching them that Matthew 24 is here, and that it is time to fill up the lamps with oil like Matthew 25 states, because the Midnight Cry is about to happen, Hallelujah, Glory to My Father, yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch and I’m saying this as a Prophet that I’m and recognized as one for the Glory of My Father: Churches complete are going to stay behind when the rapture happens! And guess whose fault it is going to be? Not theirs, people!!!!! It is our fault as ministers! Don’t blame them but let’s blame ourselves for not telling them the things the way they are. Just a lonely voice at the dessert. Be blessed everyone and MARANATHA, THE LORD IS COMING BACK SOON, AND IT CAN HAPPEN TODAY! GET READY AND BE RAPTURE BOUND!!!!!! THERE IS NO TIME FOR ANYTHING ELSE BUT TO PREACH!!!! THERE IS NO TIME FOR CONCERTS OR CONFERENCES OR CRUISES AND I AM SAYING THIS IN LOVE BUT TO GO OUT AND REACH THE LOST, HEAL THE SICK, DELIVERED THE BOUND, HEAL HEART THAT HAVE BEEN BROKEN, LAY HANDS ON THE PARALIZED AND LIFT THEM UP FROM THEIR WHEEL CHAIRS, THERE IS NO TIME FOR ANYTHING ELSE!!!!!!!!! THERE IS NO TIME, RUN AMERICA’S CHURCH IN JESUS NAME, RUN!!!!! THERE IS A TIME OF SORROW THAT IS COMING TO AMERICA AND YOU MY CHURCH IN AMERICA CAN’T BE USED BECAUSE YOU HAVE PUT MY ANOINTING ON A SECOND PLACE SAYS THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!